Maybank Cash Deposit Machine (CDM)

Step 1   :   Select "CASH PAYMENT".

Step 2   :   Select "MISC PAYMENT".

Step 3   :   Select "Next Screen".

Step 4   :   Key in code "025" or choose Chin Hin (Jitra) Sdn Bhd and press "Yes" to confirm.

Step 5   :   Key in your 12 Digits CDM No. 00xx xxxx xxxx and press "Yes" to confirm.

Step 6   :   Key in your Contact Number and press "Yes" to proceed to next screen.

Step 7   :   Verify your account and contact number. Press "Yes" to proceed.

Step 8   :   Insert cash to Cash Deposit Machine.

Step 9   :   Confirm cash amount.

Step 10 :   Obtain and retain Receipt for reference.