Air Blade

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Honda Airblade is a welcome addition to Honda family in Malaysia which features PGM-FI system that has become the standard in our neighbouring country. The Airblade is powered by 124.88cc engine that provides 8.2kW(11.1PS) at 8500rpm and 11.2N.m(1.14kgf.m)/5000rpm. That should give a good 'go' feeling. There are few features that makes this Airblade interesting. One of it is the Idling-Stop system that for now only available in Honda PCX150. Idling-Stop is a good way to increase the fuel-efficiency further by making the engine of the bike automatically stops at traffic light (or anytime when the bike is halted) and starts again automatically when the rider release the brake. This feature usually reserved for hybrid vehicle. Also included is the Remote Response Key, which makes the key have a remote button just like keys for car. When the button is pushed, the bike will beep, so you can find your bike easily in crowded area. The light system will also flash along with key shutter light and U-box light.

Engine Type : Liquid cooled, 4 Cycle Engine OHC
Bore & Stroke : 52.40 X 57.906 mm
Displacement : 124.88cc
Compression Ratio : 11.0 : 1
Lubricating Oil Capacity ( Upper / Lower ) : 0.9 liter / 0.7 liter (After Disassembly)
0.8 liter (After Draining)
Carburation : PGM-FI electronic fuel injection

Clutch : Automatic Centrifugal Clutch Dry Type
Transmission : A/T ( V-Matic )
Belt Converter Ratio : 2.6 : 1 ~ 0.82 : 1
Converter Reduction Ratio : 10.552 ( 53 T / 17 T x 44 T / 13 T )

Ignition System : Fully Transisterize
Battery : 12V / 5 A-h ( 10 h )

Length x Width x Height : 1901mm x 687mm x 1115mm
Ground Clearance : 133mm
Wheelbase : 1287mm
Curb Weight : 112kg

Frame : Back Bone
Suspension : Front - Telescopic (81mm)
Rear - Twin (75mm)
Fuel Tank Capacity : 4.1 liter
Tyre Measurement : Front 80/90-14M/C 40P
Rear 90/90-14M/C 46P
Tyre Pressure - One Person : Front 200kPa
Rear 225kPa
Tyre Pressure - Two Person : Front 200kPa
Rear 225kPa
Caster : 26° 30'
Trail Distance : 84mm

Maximum Horse Power : 8.2kW (11.1PS) / 8500rpm
Maximum Torque : 11.2N.m(1.14kgf.m)/5000rpm